Jill Sobule’s “America’s A Gun” (Unofficial Remix)

I have a new recording and video to share. This one comes with trigger warnings (no pun intended). This this is a “3rd generation” unsolicited collaboration.

First, it was a poem called “America Is A Gun” by Brian Bilston (you probably see it floating around online every time there’s another mass shooting).

Then, a couple years ago, Jill Sobule made it into a song with legendary bass player Al Anderson. They wrote additional lyrics for a chorus and made an excellent recording with vocals, piano and bass.

Last week, I came across Sobule’s recording and I decided to add some more instrumentation. And then made a video with Laura.

We just finished editing it and, after sifting through hours of news reports and footage, we’re emotionally wiped out.

I’m sure this video will be polarizing but, so is everything else these days. I just hope it’s a good opportunity to take a step back and question — yet AGAIN — what kind of life we really want to have while we’re on this planet.

Jill Sobule “America’s A Gun” (Unofficial Remix by The Perfectly Violent Dream)

Snow Jams w/Sheldon Snow dubs SPAZCANDY “Album of The Year 2015”

Listen To Sheldon Snow’s SNOW JAMS!:

“SpazCandy Album of the Year 2015” http://newusb.co.uk/djs/sheldon/mp3gallery/content/shows/94.mp3

To listen, click on the link above and scrub to 1 hour, 10 minutes in…
Thank You, Sheldon Snow!

12391963_10153254006453193_3876098136800924170_n photo by Laura Spector