“Often one of Bradley’s lyrics will go thru my head as a mantra to get me thru my day. this is the sh*t that you wanna blast in your ears to move you down the street. or blast in your living room as you are towel drying yourself for the day. it will get you out the door. it will get you on your way, and as you go, it will make you think. it will make you wanna dance. it will make you go, ‘oh wow! that’s how I fee!’. it is the perfect combo of tune, hook, lyric and fun. it spins mad philosophy and drops mad science.”

-Becca Ayers, Pop Musician, Broadway Performer

Emperor’s New Tea is some of the best new music I’ve heard recently. Bradley has succeeded in creating new musical vistas in shimmering clusters of sound. Each song surprises and delights. Products of an amazingly creative mind. (I also love the cover. It get’s the album cover of the year award in my apartment!)”

-Vinnie Zummo, Joe Jackson Band

“Really a very cool creative album- I dig it!”

-Kurt Reil, Music Producer, Drummer, The Gripweeds

Emperor’s New Tea is great! I am amazed by anyone that can take one hook and reinvent it 10 times in 3 minutes and it never gets boring. Another amazing skill is to take the kitsch of the Monkees and make it as hugely creative as Radiohead or Beck but searching and deep like Nick Drake. You get all of this with this music. Now here is the real testament to this music. In 2002 I was hanging out at Red Rocks in Colorado before a concert playing a very early demo of Brad’s. The group next to us kept coming over saying they knew who I was listening to. How do you tap into a song that everyone knows but has never heard? Brad is an original but somehow universal at the same time.”

-Scott Leigh, fan

“Unique, interesting, full of layers, cool…BDW is either seriously disturbed or a serious genius…or maybe a bit of both!”

-Karen Foster, Fan

“I’ve been listening to Emperor’s New Tea over and over again. If All The World’s a Stage“ is impressing me lately as one of his best tracks. It owes something to Harry Nilsson – particularly “Daddy’s Song” and “I’d Rather Be Dead”, but Brad puts his own spin on it. The lyrics compliment the music by directly contradicting it, in an odd way. It’s a work of almost transcendent cynicism. It’ll make you throw up your arms and dance while experiencing existential terror. Check it out. Good stuff.”

-David White, Author, Fantomas in America